Why Don’t We – 8 Letters (Album)

8 Letters” is the debut album from five-member boy band “Why Don’t We”. It was released on August 31, 2018, through Atlantic Records & Signature Entertainment. It consists of 8 Songs.

The 8 Letters was supported by three singles. the lead single “Hooked” dropped on June 07, describes someone who shows a tendency of staying in a relationship despite its toxic nature, while the official music video dropped on the same day and attained 20 million views (as of October 25, 2018). the second song“Talk” dropped one month later and talks about their struggling relationships because they can’t listen to each other, while the official music video dropped July 07 and attained 26 million views (as of October 25, 2018). the third track “8 Letters” dropped one 07 August, while the official music video dropped two weeks later and attained 23 million views (as of October 25, 2018). the song talks about being scared of falling in love with someone new.

The debut album was produced by Cutfather, Jacob Manson, Jonas Jeberg, Jonny Price, Louis Schoorl, Mick Schultz, The Monsters & Strangerz, and PhD. Written by Candice Pillay, Carl Lehmann, Charles Hinshaw, Corbyn Besson, Cutfather, Daniel Davidsen, Daniel Seavey, Ed Drewett, Ian James, Ingrid Andress, Jack Avery, Jacob Manson, James Abrahart, Jonah Marais, Jonas Jeberg, Jonny Price, Jordan K. Johnson, Louis Schoorl, Marcus Lomax, Maureen McDonald, Mick Schultz, Peter Wallevik, Phil Plested, R8DIO, Sam Hook, SoundzFire, Stefan Johnson, W. Darling and Zach Herron.

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