Tangled Webs

All the sins of my past, will my son have to reap?
Oh, the tangled web I weave
Don’t need your love but I’ma need you to call me
Oh, the tangled web I weave

Tongue in the blue sky, my taste level is too high
80s metal was cool once, miss me with all your hoopla
Captain Planet organic, back to the earth
No more generational curse, you lady devils are tube tied
William Bellion been droppin’ gems since my seventh million
He’s that resilient and legendary to all his children
So if your father’s a bum don’t take it out on me
By paying ten thousand for Gary Vee in an Applebee’s

Content’s not king
Coretta Scott King
Was not TikTok-ing

Don’t ever shoot a dance to this, this is a fucking manuscript
It’s hard to move my body when my sister’s packing bodies in an ambulance
Damn this shit is crazy, Patrick Swayze way I’m handlin’
This grammar shit is easy, I might have to switch to Mandarin
I’m answerin’ the call, this the legend of the fall
Fuck the mix, I’m Richard Nix, the way I kill you with the raw