Young Thug – Sup Mate

Sup Mate Lyrics

[Verse 1: Future]
[?] my [?], I put that on (Yeah, yeah)
Hold up, wait, life straight (Yeah, yeah)
Hold up, wait, ice skate (Yeah, yeah)
Hold up, wait, crime pay (Yeah, yeah)
Hold up, wait, slatt, slatt (ATL Jacob, yeah, yeah)
20 cars, matte black (Yeah, yeah)
[?] missed calls (Yeah, yeah)
22 pink toes (Boom, boom, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2: Young Thug & Future]
I [?] in that [?]
(Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Flip it to the dog like a dish
(Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Accept the loss before I quit
(Yeah, yeah, accept the loss before I quit, yeah, yeah)
She slept at the house, I bought her Ruth Chris
(Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: Future & Young Thug]
What’s up, mate? Got cake, mate (Yeah, yeah)
Got cheese, mate, got bread, mate (Woo)
Got cups, mate (Woo, ooh), no f**ks, mate (Woo, mate)
Give no f**ks, mate (Woo, f**ks, mate), I’m up, mate (Woo, outta shape, yeah, yeah)
It’s up, mate, I buck, mate (Yeah, yeah)
I bleed, mate, he bled, mate (Woo, yeah, yeah)
Got cups, mate, (Woo) no f**ks, mate
Let’s f**k, mate (Woo)
F**ked my classmate (Woo), f**k, sh*t, let’s splash, mate (Woo)
Or suck that sh*t, let’s splash, hey

[Verse: Future]
Smokin’ on loud, we don’t f**k around with y’all
Wanna try this sh*t, let me know
We [? 0:59] than Columbine
Trenchcoat, under a ni**a’s sleeve

[Verse: Future & Young Thug]
Wipe his nose, wipe his nose (Pu**y a*s ni**a)
Wipe his nose, (Slatt) wipe his nose (Wipe your nose)
Wipe his nose, (Wipe your nose, slatt) wipe his nose (Slatt, wipe his nose)
Wipe his nose, (Wipe your nose), wipe his nose (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse: Future]
Doubled the cups and then doubled it up and I doubled it up (Yeah, yeah)
Jump in the Bentley, I jump in the truck and I trucker the truck (Woo, yeah, yeah)
Chuggin’ it down, I’m smokin’ a pound, I’m f**kin’ around (Yeah, yeah)
Smokin’ on loud, we don’t f**k around with y’all
What’s up, mate? (Woo) Got the blicky, featherweight (Woo)
Got the cash, I bake the cake, (Woo) ayy, what’s brackin’, mate? (Woo)
I just sniper, mate, (Woo) chain on hydrate, mate (Woo)
Get no sleep, mate, (Woo) I’m geeked, mate, pushin’ weight, outta shape (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse: Young Thug & Future]
Red wings, red bottoms, I’m a f**kin’ devil (Yeah, yeah)
20 tennis chains on, not no Ric Flair medal (Woo, yeah, yeah)
I done gotta run it back, you heard what Gunna tell ’em
Put my diamonds in a bowl, that look like Fruity Pebbles

Bi*ch wanna suck on the d**k
Bi*ch wanna get her a brick

Sup Mate” is the second track by Young Thug from his debut studio album So Much Fun arrived August 16, 2019 via 300 Entertainment and Atlantic Records. The song features a collaboration from Future.

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