NLE Choppa – Free YoungBoy

Free YoungBoy Lyrics

Drum Dummie

Gotta drop off at the opps, cause I know where they be at
Bi*ch I rock the Plug, yeah we sellin’ where he sleep at
I’m in love with these drugs, Percocets I be takin’
I’m prayin’ to the lord but I’m livin’ like a demon
Keep the glizzy on a ni**a head, I use it for redemption

Sellin the drugs up in the club, don’t come into my section
I got promoters really scared, every show we be wreckless
Had some tape up on the on the murder scene, bi*ch it can get [?]
[?] cause I’m livin’ like a thug, And my mama keep on tellin’ me to slow down on the drugs
So much pain in my body, I can’t make this sh*t up
I do the [?] on my arm, with just me and my dug
It’s just like a throwback, a ni**a put his sh*t back
I don’t fuck with police, man I’m screamin’ “fuck the bi*ch back”
Put this [?] in your throat, like a motherfuckin’ Tic-Tac
Choppa break a ni**a back just like a kit-kat

I speed the blue lights we run from the coppas
Hit him with two, sent him straight to the doctor
My son and these ni**as, callin’ me papa
King of the jungle the call me Mufasa
That man Choppa E steppin’, man a ni**a must be crazy
I wipe a ni**a nose like a snotty-faced baby
Bi*ch, I still got it on me while a ni**a got probation
And I’m screamin’ fuck the Judge, I ain’t gonna pay sh*t
[?] and I’ma stick him up, [?] be everything


Free YoungBoy” is a new song By NLE Choppa Released June 14, 2019 and it was Produced by CashMoneyAP.

NLE Choppa Breaks Down new song 'Free YoungBoy'

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