I-10 Baby

(Dubba-AA flexin’)
(Mm, Statik on the track)
(David Tell ‘Em)

n–ga playin’ ’round with that dope, we send him straight through and fell
I go post up in the North, I’m on the block causing hell
I tell my dude lock down that corner, don’t give a f–k ’bout no 12
‘Cause once them b–ches lock us up, soon as we touch, we jump bail (This is the sound)
And this the strap, soon as I came back, tryna take back what’s mine
Don’t give a f–k ’bout where you from, you tote that flag, you a slime
I’m smokin’ pine, I’m totin’ that iron, it’s every time that I’m slidin’
I spent my last to calm my nerves, this b–ch wan’ play with my mind

I ain’t got no time just for the jokes ’cause my big bro doin’ time
b–ch throw four suits up on the floor and I can flow you a rhyme
I come through swervin’, gettin’ dirty with them sticks in the ride
Plus I’m servin’ some sh-t you could cut ’bout four or three times
I take my lick the first time, now watch I jump on a slab
I’ma get a b–ch clean as a b–ch to drive a book and a half
She want a sixty, smelled the sh-t up, went to coughin’, I laughed
He said this sh-t already must be hit, so it ain’t gotta take no bath

Get it by me, try to stop me, pop you, knock your on off
I ain’t quarantinin’ for a reason, we ain’t closin’ no stores
I’m still screamin’, “Killer season,” zippin’ sh-t ’bout my bros
We got these hoes doin’ wrong, they throw a right, that’s the code
Up with the scope, so I been chill, you send a shot, I cause hell
I chase that money like I’m Dezz, we drop that sh-t on Canell
And I knew how to make it hard since Koda taught me at twelve
With Von from Roosevelt to Maryland, we took over the cells

This is music to another level, cold-blooded f–kin’ stepper
How much that you made now? I say 20 M’s or better
So I got money for to f–k up, rap gon’ pay or settle
Or we gon’ rob your stupid ass out what you try to sell us
Hit it, I go zydeco, ridin’ ’round with that four pound
You can’t use no screwdriver, know a hammer get it broke down
They slumped that boy right at the store, I swear it wasn’t no showdown
We blast at you and who because we aim to let a ho down

Do a verse and get it back, I couldn’t take a loss, huh
But b–ch, you play with mine, your sh-t get splatt, we take one off, huh
Couldn’t ever have no b–ch, turned to a dog, huh, dog, huh
Drop a bag, I serve ’em raw, then knock ’em all down (All down)

Pussy ass n–ga, haha, yeah
It’s on birthday, n–ga, what you talkin’ ’bout? Got the camera on me now, b–ch ass n–ga
But I got somethin’ that’ll flash you way worser
Ol’ b–ch ass n–ga, I’ll dirt him, you hear me?
You already know how I get down, you already know how I’m bomin’
Everything gon’ with a beef, b–ch ass n–ga, Blood gang or no gang
You’ll be in, you’ll be in
Ayy, what he say? You’ll be in or you’ll be out, what that b–ch ass n–ga say?
You’ll be in, and that’s on Dump
Yeah, b–ch ass n–ga, you’ll get slumped on this side, believe that
Yeah, what you on, foe?
Rapper gon’ give it back and that’s a fact

38 Baby 2  (Album):