Mamma Mia

n–gas if you want to
I’mma come thru
It’s jane of the jungle
Guerillas with bananas
I’mma shoot you and your whole crew

I got feed the demon now
You know the prima-primma donna pack the heater got the armor
Yung rapunxel, kill you if you want to
If you n–gas f–k with me
Then you better duck from me
You’s a duck to me, n–gas wanna cuck for me
I let it loose these n–gas’ life ain’t worth a buck to me
I got the noose, these lil n–gas on the run from me
Pack the deuce, I’ll hit these n–gas with a buck fifty
I’m Mama Goose, these little b–ches little ducks to me
They telling stories like I’m not a legend up millions
They wanna suck p–sy, b–ches wanna suck tiddy
What the f–k you want from me?
He can’t fluster me, now he got a crush on me
I don’t stress n–gas, n–gas don’t impress me
I seen them checks coming in that tarot deck b–ches
That crystal ball said ya n–ga wanna sex me
I’m sipping cliqout, ball like 23, hoe
That p–sy moist I toss them panties like a free throw
All eyes on me like they peepin’ thru the peep hole
I’m mvp, these little b–ches wan’t the cheat code
Uh, now I’m bleeding out ya speakers
Leave these n–gas bleeding on the marble floor like Gina
I’mma snatch a n–ga right up out his sneakers
Send him to Jehovah, yea he bout to meet the reaper
Now ya mama with the deacon picking out ya plot
You in the cemetery reeking, uhh
Now I’m sipping on some peach fizz
Hit that myx moscato like I’m nicki on a meeting
You n–gas soft like some peach fuzz
Fuzzy like some p–sy hair, squishy like my D cups

b–ch come get ya n–ga
I don’t wanna meet him
I don’t wanna feed him
I don’t feed n–gas, I don’t really need him
He could f–k them b–ches, I don’t want him
I don’t need him
Now that molly peaking, and that p–sy wet
I’m bout to f–k him thru the weekend
It’s ruger season, sally dropping seashells
I’m on the seashore, waiting for some kilos
Ask for the money, now these n–gas got amnesia
I pull the eagle out and hawk ’em like chihuahua
n–gas chihuahuas keep ya little dollas
I ain’t with the rah rah
Gangsta Senorita
I pull the Ak Out, I call her “MAMMA MIA”
Spray these n–gas out like some roaches on the freezer

You think you wifey, you a skeezer
f–ked ya n–ga raw and then I kicked him out like FIFA
Them rhymes is gettin’ deeper
Pretty like Melania, this p–sy on a visa
I’m Mulan with the sword
Leave a deep cut
n–gas owe me cheese
I slice his face up like a pizza
Soy la nińa, hit you with the nina
Mira la pinta, oh, Santa Maria!
I get spooky on the altar, Santeria
Turn ya into a ghost, I bet I’ll make you a believer

Mamma Mia” is a song by Azealia Banksdropped April 6, 2020.