Leader Of The Delinquents

Mm (Yeah), mm, mm
This is not a test (Mm), check
Easy does it
(Turn my headphones up a little bit)
Easy does it (Yeah)
(Mm, mm)

Hello friends Cudder again
Gotta smack ’em with some s–t before world ends
Same old denims, worn for days
I been home makin’ jams and many wonderful waves
I’ve see in wonderful shades
Peekin’ at the shadows of the new landscape
I’ve been trapped in my mind, I’ve been tryin’ to escape
Fame and loneliness, the recipe for disaster

I can’t handle this s–t, I’ll make it pastor
I just wanna go fast, I’m a bastard
I won’t stop ’till I’m where I wanna be in life
And there’s so many things to do in in-between time
That’s not to say I don’t be lost up in my f–kin’ mind
Thinkin’ ’bout the days I was broke, f–k me up sometimes
How did I do it, why the kids love me so?
Cause they connect with Cudder, real simple

Now let me set the grooves, cello
On the outside, lookin’ into this mellow
But sometimes I wanna just shoot my f–kin’ face off
I’m talkin’ game over, defeated the boss
Hope with age I can cope with my rage
I’m so damn passionate, they’re no safe plain
The dealer dwellin’, I’m always in the zone
Why did God let Hell in? It’s just a n–ga, man

Man, listen, I’m tryna find a way to duck this niña in the skinnies
Just tryna tell me how she used to get it in the eighties
My angels ride me, at all costs
My daddy’s tellin’ me, “Don’t stress, go across”
Live a little, I got you pop
Love kiddo, my negro
Somebody better save the God
‘Cause those Gods mess with us, they on his job

The leader of the delinquents
The leader of the delinquents
The leader of the delinquents
The leader of the delinquents
Yah, a-ha, uh, a’ight

Put the floor in the bag, kept it sealed on ’em
When I’m drivin’, run up the pins, so many in the Honda
Broke up with this girl, she was trippin’
Couldn’t understand my life and the world, kept me stressed about
My SLS is pearl, b–ch, please don’t call it white
And that n–ga, he went back while I was trippin’ of the white
They tryna smoke and f–k, but that’s the s–t that I don’t like
You got a girlfriend, I love her, you better keep her tight
Because so many people up in here
You ask about Cudder and I bet you f–kin’ heard
I might become a legend, I’m feelin’ twenty-six
You mad, you mad, you mad, Cudder in this b–ch
I’m an unstoppable f–ker, pullin’ land where my n–gas be
Pop a Perc’, turn to mumble, my fam jokin’, rollin’ tree
You see this, walking on my face
All hail King WZRD in your motherf–kin’ space, you love it

The leader of the delinquents
The leader of the delinquents
The leader of the delinquents
The leader of the delinquents



By: Kid Cudi