Forced Convalescence

Forced Convalescence and bad rest
Staring contest
with the ceiling and my feet

Was momentarily conscious
Of the backflips
I’ve Been Doing in my sleep

I’m not afraid of the future
Have to suffer and repeat
I tend to Agree
What happens will be
Pain of my own making
Cut Short by eternity

Now I’v recovered completely
Life is easy
Hula-Hooping around the sun

The calendar’s little boxes
All these presents
Get to open every one

I’ll be prepared for the winter
And the summer
And beyond

Just keep tagging along
Until The feeling is gone
Amazed by the haystack
Needle To obilivion

In a daze
In the Doorway
I stood crying for what was
In a trance
In a taxi
Just keep driving please don’t Stop
Out of the neighborhood, the multiverse
Iron and rust

When out of the town for the weekend
With my children
Built sandcastles in the sun

Catastrophizing my birthday
Turning forty
Ending up like everyone

There’s no escaping the housework
or the bank clerk
or the priest

They’re waiting for me
In my Egyptian Sheets
The seroquel’s working
It’s fighting my fantasies

In The dark
At a distance
I see everything at once
Feel the wind
Through the window
and I’m overcome with love
Inter-dimensional, No obstacles
Mountains and dust