Drake calls Trump a “Fuc**g idiot” at Brooklyn Live

Despite being from Canada and isn’t known for talking political statements on the concert or in his Songs but on last Thursday night in Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the Canadian rapper had a message for President of United State Donald Trump.

Before closure the live with “God’s Plan”,  Drake started thanking his fans for their support and went on to talk about the current climate in America.

“Right now, I feel like we’re all living in a country where they try and tell us… that we’re living in divided country, And we’re listening to this fuc**ng idiot that’s in office. We’re listening to this idiot in office that’s trying to tell us something is going on,” he continued. “And meanwhile, right here in Brooklyn, we got 16,000 people from all races and all places and all we doin’ is just sitting here enjoying ourselves, listening to music,”

Check out the video below :

In 2015, Donald Trump parodied Drake’s “Hotline Bling” during Saturday Night Live.