$crim Unveils Tracklist for “A Man Rose From The Dead”

$crim has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming solo mixtape. 

The $UICIDEBOY$ rapper took to social on Thursday (May 7) to reveal the tracklist for his forthcoming mixtape, titled “A Man Rose From The Dead“, and it contains 20 tracks. Check out the full list below.

1- Delusions of Grandeur
2- Scars
3- Jesus Wept
4- Naloxone
5- Feel It Too (It’s Too Much)
6- Tell Me When I’m Good Enough
7- He Got Game
8- Portola (Blood Clot!)
9- El Paseo
10- Nightmare From the Northside
11- Euphoria Euphoria
12- Violent Secrets
13- Side Effects
14- Carcosa
15- Fight Club (Psychosis)
16- Percocets & Papers
17- PTSD
18- El Guerro
19- The Devil I Know
20- Lost Child

Scrim tracklist A Man Rose from the Dead