Banks Announces Tracklist for ‘|||’

Banks has revealed the tracklist for ‘|||’, her upcoming third studio album, just one week after confirming that it will drop next month.

The American singer-songwriter confirmed by posting a photo of the full tracklist, which features 12 tracks, including recently released single Gimme.

“This album is an ode to my journey. It documents a major growth spurt. Of self-acceptance, letting go, forgiveness, and deep love. It has been painful to realize that life is not black and white. Romanticism leads to fierce reality checks, which leads to wisdom, which leads to deeper empathy which leads to greater love. This album documents the cycle. “ She wrote on Instagram.

“Yes, this is my third album, but that is not why I called it |||. Birth-Life-Death, Beginning-Middle-End, Past-Present-Future. All |||’s and all ending with a theoretical period. To me, ||| represents a cycle of life. It represents acceptance, the ability to let go, and the shaky first step into the unknown. I can’t wait to step into the unknown with you.”