25 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads That Most Drivers Would Want To Steer Very Clear Of

2. Ridi Road – Central Nepal

Drivers who are prone to car sickness are likely going to want to avoid Nepal’s Ridi Road at all cost. Not only does this dangerous road entail a lot of turning and swerving amid some dangerous drop offs, but drivers also have to fight off other surrounding distraction. Well within a driver’s eyeshot is the beautiful Kali Gandaki River which runs alongside most of the pass.

When driving the Ridi Road, being unfocused for even a second can be a fatal flaw. The narrow path is a stranger to guardrails and oncoming trucks and buses are a constant. The weather also plays a dangerous role. If the day isn’t sunny and serene, a driver can find themselves at risk of running into ice patches, landslides and even heavy snowfall.