25 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads That Most Drivers Would Want To Steer Very Clear Of

Dangerous roads are often associated with sharp turns and potholes. But for some drivers, the mere bumpy trail would be considered a driver’s paradise. From sheer mountainside pathways of peril to predator-infested crosses of treachery, buckle up and let us take you on the wild ride of some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

1. Cahills Crossing – Australia

Cahills Crossing is usually flooded over by the river’s high water flow and completely taken by a rushing tide. That’s the least of the horrors, though. Those waters are filled with hungry crocodiles. If you aren’t driving a bulky vehicle at the right time of year, you can easily be pushed off the road by the river’s strong current. At that point, it’s you against a horde of hungry crocs. To avoid becoming a feast, it is recommended to only cross Cahills Crossing when tides are low.